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Why Craft Shows?

As we move into the Holiday season, it has become more and more apparent that unfortunately, not everyone will get a gift this year. It is more likely that the new IPhone 13 or MacBook that you are look at will more than likely be on back order - held up on a cargo ship that is idling quietly off the California oceans. I promise you there IS hope! So, rather than be like the ‘Grinch’, let’s put a positive spin on things and embrace the opportunity to shop and find our gifts this season at a local craft show.

If you’ve never considered attending one, here are a few reasons why you should:

  1. Craft shows support local artists. It gives creators a chance to showcase their work. And it lets you get to know the artist. As you walk up and down the craft show aisles you’ll start to see that you are no longer supporting large corporations, or shopping aimisly in the mall. Instead you’re a consumer who helps and appreciates people who love what they create.

  2. With so many things backordered this season, craft shows are a great for handmade items that are what I call “cash and carry”. If you see and item you like, you buy it and you’re done. It’s as simple as that. You’re not wondering if it will be under the tree by December 25th.

  3. Every item made by these artists, creators and makers, are unique, one of a kind and handmade with love. It’s not mass produced, and no two people will ever have the exact same thing.

  4. Supporting local craft shows, also supports your local economy, as well as artists and makers who make a living as small business owners. This results in the monies staying inside your community.

  5. Now for my shameless plug: All of my shows this season are listed on the home page of this website. The weekend before Thanksgiving I’ll be at Liberty High School and the 2nd and 3rd weeks of December I will be in historic Savage Mill. If you have any questions feel free to email me. And if you can’t make any of the shows, you can always shop on my website.

So keep an open mind when it comes to craft shows. It might be your saving grace this season. And to quote a famous line from The Grinch Who Stold Christmas:

Until next time. XOXO.


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