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My Proudest Accomplishment in 2021

A place for everything, and everything in its place! It’s only fitting that my most favorite Christmas gift (my framed diploma) and biggest accomplishment this year, takes center stage in my cloffice, where I spent most of my time these last 3 years working on my masters degree….surrounded by some of my favorite people and things! :)

And this is another reason why with your help, it is so important to me to give back to the MAAA scholarship fund at Goucher, - so that others can experience the joy and satisfaction that this piece of paper carries for me!

While the next few months will be quiet on the show circut, I will be busy in my sewing studio creating and making new bags and accessories. I have recently discovered Duck Canvas, fabric that is similar to upholstery, and am trying some new things. There are different weights and textures, so it is fun to touch and feel and figure out what will work. Please check back often, to see what‘s new, and if you have any suggestions, need or wants, message me so we can start a conversation!

Enjoy the Holiday season, and I hope 2022 brings fun, laughter, and joy to you and your family!



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