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Behind the Seams with Krafty Girl

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

While things have been quiet since the Holiday’s, Krafty Kreations has been super busy during the early months of 2022!

We have been testing and trying out new bag patterns, wallets, and accessories - some we have loved, and others not so much. You’ll find the winners new up on our product page.

More importantly, I have conquered the wallet! (One of my sewing goals this Winter!) And, I am pleasantly surprised how much joy and satisfaction I get from making them. With some hacks from other sewist‘s I have been able to use less fabric and decrease the time needed to make the wallets; without compromising the quality and workmanship.

Please remember that any item on my website can be custom ordered, all you have to do is send me a message and we can work together to create a one of a kind item!

In the boring “administative/paperwork” side of Krafty, I have been upgrading our inventory to incorporate UPC codes. This doesn’t mean much to my customers; but for Krafty, UPC codes will give us a better handle on our inventory and product. It will also give us insight to our best sellers, along with what colors and fabrics are most popular.

In addition, the UPC codes and a new scanner will make check out easier at the craft shows.

Lastly, as you can tell from the home page of my website, I have been able to secure Krafty as a vendor at a number of shows/festivals this season. Currently, all of them are local, here in Howard and Montgomery Counties. So if you want to come see me in person I hope that Krafty’s vendor schedule will coordinate with yours!

Keep popping back to the blog for more updates as the weeks move along and we get closer to the warmer weather of Spring! As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need to have something made!

Until then…


Krafty Girl

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