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Wallets Crafted Artfully!

Let’s have a chat about wallets. I love them, but up until recently I really and truly hated making them. Being a sewist is not always fun and games. As I am a self taught seamstress, I have had many epic fails in my lifetime! For two years I have tried to make wallets, and as my husband says ”figure out the secret sauce“ and construction behind the wallet.

Sewing is not easy…reading and understanding a pattern is sometimes even harder! Their are lots of pieces to cut out and I can’t even begin to describe the amount of fabric that has been wasted in trying to create credit card slots. Oh, dare I even bring up hardware and how much was lost in learning how to install rivets, turn locks, and magnetic snaps? Needless to say it was a love hate for many years, and like the backpack (2022 goals) I brushed it aside and much to my dismay accepted defeat.

When I did my first “real” craft show in July, everyone asked for wallets. I couldn’t figure out the fascination with them. ( I am a big proponent of grabbing a credit card and cash and going into the stores.) And so I decided to conquer my fear head on, and as I prepped for my next craft show, I was bound and determined to figure out how wallets were created.

After a few short weeks of trying different patters and being super frustrated, I am happy to report that I now LOVE making and sewing wallets! They are way more labor intensive then a handbag; but a very satisfying sew when complete.

My favorite wallet to sew is the NCW (the necessary clutch wallet). This is the most popular pattern on the internet and for good reason! The large size has a ton of credit card slots. And while it can easily hold cash and coins, it can also hold a phone and a checkbook. And my new favorite, the mini NCW is smaller, but still has places for many credit card slots cash and coins.

If you are interested in purchasing a wallet, please know they can be custom ordered. Message me and we can figure out what your needs and wants are!

The moral of the story is to never give up! You just might surprise yourself with what you can do! See you soon! xoxo Anne

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