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Stepping Outside the Box.

I am a creature of habit. I am a rule follower, and very rarely do I step outside my box. As I complete my first year of vending at craft shows, I have come to the conclusion that things don’t always stay the same. And, as an owner of a small crafting business, more often than not, it is the product that is always evolving and changing. These past few weeks, I have found myself comfortably uncomfortable coloring outside the lines, and embracing some new product in Krafty’s box.

So, how does your box get new lines? With small steps, and big steps of course…

I can honestly say that the steps you take are both small and big, and happen simultaneously. I think that’s why stepping for me gets overwhelming, and also why it doesn’t happen very often. As of late, the small steps have been pretty simple, expected, and manageable. When I’m making a handbag I have found myself not following the patterns and adding my own ideas to the bag. Simple changes to the handbag while easy to execute can be daunting when sewing a handbag. For example adding extra pockets to a tote, or changing the way the bag closes could make or break the functionality of the handbag. And as a crafter I am all about function.

On the other hand, the big steps that I take outside the box are monumental…Going into a complete new craft medium, is something I never saw coming!

Stepping outside of the textile and fabric world and bring wood into Krafty Kreations, has been way outside my box for sure. (This is where I feel like I should have paid more attention in my shop class in 7th grade! LOL! I have a feeling it might be my one and only venture into wood, but we’ll see where it takes us.)

What is it that I’m making? (Or attempting to make?). Advent calendars for dogs!!!! How fun would it be to countdown the days until Christmas with a daily treat that you give your pet?. The caldener will be cut in the shape of a dog bone, made out out birch wood and then painted. Staying true to my roots, I will be incorporating textile fabrics and other mediums to decorate the Advent calendar. It is my hope that these advent calendars will become a great addition to your Holiday decor! And something special for you and your pet to enjoy during the Christmas season.

My goal is to have at least 4 ready for the Christmas in July show at the end of the month. As always, the calendar can be personalized and customized to your families needs, and I will have it on the website as soon as I get the first one complete. It is a great gift idea for the animal lover in your life!

I am super excited to see how the calendar unfolds. Check back to see the final product. It will be on the “Dawggie and Me” page on the website!

My final thought: embrace the steps and go outside the box….good things can happen when you color outside the lines!

Until next time,

xoxo Krafty Girl

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